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Club Organisation

To make Survive and Save Club the successful organisation that it is requires a huge amount of work by its volunteer management committee and dedicated teaching and lifeguard staff.

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Club Organisation

This area will introduce you to this dedicated team and the roles they undertake for Survive and Save Club

• Executive Committee
• Teachers – Learn to Swim and Advanced Aquatics Programmes
• Teachers – Lifesaving Programmes

The Survive and Save Club is managed by an elected management committee.  All of these people work voluntarily to manage the day to day running of the club.  Without this group of members Survive and Save Club would not exist.  The management committee is elected every year at the club’s AGM. If you would like to be involved with the running of the Club please contact us.

Executive Committee

Chairman -

Graham Robinson -
Treasurer -

Andrew Baldwin -
Membership Secretary -

Graham Robinson -
Workforce Coordinator -

Mary Foley,-
Executive Officer - Swim 21

Angela Harper -
Executive Officer -

Matt Perren
Executive Officer -

Ain Siddiqui
Executive Officer -

Dorothy Mariampillai
Secretary: Vacant

Publicity Officer: Vacant

Non-committee Support

Valerie Ashley - Welfare Officer

Teachers – Learn to Swim and Advanced Aquatics Programmes

Sally Baldwin

Lewis Campbell

Abby Doolan

Mary Foley

Angela Harper

Valentino Memajl

Rachana Patel

Branavan Rajakumar

Amit Shah

Teachers – Lifesaving/Lifeguard Programmes

Sally Baldwin

Angela Harper

Darshil Khetani

Branavan Rajakumar

Amit Shah

Assistant Teacher

Sam Robinson
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